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Real outdoor fans are perfectly equipped with Fjallraven gears

You are one of the nature lovers who want to stay outdoors everytime? You are one of them who love hiking and trekking? And you are one of them who want to spend their holidays on the campsite? No matter what kind of outdoor fan you are – the outdoor gears by Fjallraven will ensure optimum conditions during every weather situation and activity!

Outdoor equipment by the specialist Fjallraven – there is nothing better!

The right backpack, a high quality tent, a sleeping bag and everything what you need for your outdoor tour offers our Fjallraven shop. Fjallraven gears make it more comfortable to stay outdoors and thank to the long-time experience and many product tests they ensure full functionality. Fjallravens aim is that you can rely on this outdoor equipment for years.

Easy carrying – with the backpacks by Fjallraven

Fjallraven backpacks offer smart storage space for your great outdoor trips. In most cases there is nobody who carries your package so you have to do it on your own. Therefore you need a backpack which makes it pleasant and easy to carry even heavy weights. The Fjallraven backpacks fulfil all demands. But it is very important that it fits well and has the right pockets and functions for your activity. You can choose between trekking backpacks, smaller hiking backpacks and smart daypacks. Fjallraven bags are not only chic but also very practical for city tours or your daily life. There is one classic backpack by Fjallraven which exists since 1978: the iconic Kanken which you can use in your favorite color.

Fjallraven tents as “holyday apartments” in a prime location

Fjallraven offers its tents in different families which have different functions and application areas: Keb,Abisko and Polar. The Keb family consists of tents for expeditions and intensive trekking tours. Abisko tents are lightweight and made for camping and short trekking tours. The Polar family offers expedition tents for heavy weather conditions and low temperatures. The tents have different details, materials and functions which are useful in the respective situations. All tents have a small pack size, low weight and they are all together easy to set up.

With great sleeping bags through the night

If you want to have the ultimate “outdoor feeling” you really need a sleeping bag! And if you want to wake up perfectly regenerated you should have a warm and high quality sleeping bag by Fjallraven! Since the 1960s sleeping bags from Fjallraven ensure comfort, functionality and of course restful sleep for expeditions, trekking tours and camping trips. There are light and small packable summer sleeping bags, sleeping bags for 2 or 3 seasons, sleeping bags with a synthetic fiber (which is insensitive against moisture) and last but not least highly insulating downsleeping bags for really cold winter nights. But keep in mind that a sleeping bag does not really warm your body! It only insulates the warmth that your body evolves. According to your own sensitivity to cold, your physical constitution, your hunger and some other factors the perfect temperature can fluctuate. Also the weather has an influence to it.

Make your outdoor activity even more comfortable – with outdoor accessories by Fjallraven

To make the outdoor life more pleasant and easier there are some smart items for your clothes, backpacks, bags, tents and sleeping bags. There are also some hunting gears for hunter and animal watcher. Fjallraven outdoor items include gaiters, seat pads, Greenland Wax, protective covers and waterproof pack sacks.

In our Fjallraven shop you will find best equipment for your next outdoor activity!