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A young nature boy with visions – and backpacks by Fjallraven

Ake Nordin the founder of the Swedish Outdoor brand  Fjallraven was only 14 when he hiked with his most important things through the marvelous nature in Sweden. The backpacks were bulky and uncomfortable at this time and the weight hung on his shoulders like a stone. “There has to be a better way”, he thought and so the idea of “easier carrying” was born. Immediately after his tour he designed the first backpack with a wooden frame. After trying it was clear: The heavy weight was balanced much better and carrying was even more comfortable. A further advantage of his construction was the air circulation, which resulted because of the space between back and backpack what increased the wearing comfort significant. This first modern backpack by the young men from Sweden is the base for every modern backpack until today!

The probable most individual parts of the outdoor equipment

The right backpack is something really individual because your body decides which carrying system is the best for your plans. But also the region and the type of your tour play an important role. Therefore Fjallraven designs backpacks which can be used even in remoted regions and on very long trips. Among big and well equipped trekkingbackpacks there are also hiking backpacks for one-day tours, daypacks and some different bags for the little adventures of every day.

For huge adventures

The trekkingbackpacks by Fjallraven are particularly suitable for long trekking tours and journeys. The elaborated carrying systems are adaptable, they balance heavy weights perfectly (because of compression straps) and they make carrying more comfortable. For women there are specific models, which are fitted to the feminine anatomy (smaller shoulder straps, special cut, back length, back width, chest strap, lighter weight,…). The package volume goes from 40 liters up to incredible 100 liters! Some backpacks have a smart front access, which makes it easier to get to deeper positioned outdoor equipment.

Back to the roots with Fjallraven

In 1960 Fjallraven revolutionized the trekkingbackpacks with using aluminum for the carrying systems. Aluminum is very light and nevertheless stable. Nowadays sustainability and environmental protection become more and more important. Therefore Fjallraven uses for the popular trekking backpack Kajka an innovative and environmental-friendly frame construction made of laminated birch wood since 2013. This reduces the CO2 emissions by up to 90% without losing stability or lightness! The fabric for the Kajka backpack is made of extremely robust Vinyl F, which swells when it becomes wet. With that it is durable waterproof without using laminations of polyurethane or silicone. Other trekking or hiking backpacks by Fjallraven are also made of hard-wearing materials. For example ripstop (Abisko, Funäs, Bergen, Friluft or Skule) or environment-friendly G-1000® HeavyDuty Eco which is made of recycled polyester and bio cotton (for example Kajpak). G-1000® Materials can be made weatherproof with the popular Greenland Wax.

Daypacks by Fjallraven – for adventures and leisure

Also the daypacks and bags by Fjallraven convince with a clear design. They are consisted of robust materials and they ensure enough storage space. The typical and unique outdoor character of Fjallraven reflects perfectly in the models Övik and Greenland, which fit nicely to the clothes of the Övik and Greenland family. Also the bags and backpacks of the special Numbers series are designed in a simple but beautiful appearance.

The Fjallraven Kanken – a successful evergreen in “thousand” colours

Already 1978 the successful model Kanken was launched. Its goal was to protect kids against spine deceases. Until today it convinces with many simple elaborated details. Kanken backpacks are made of light and durable Vinyl F, which ensures protection against moisture. Thank to a spacious main pocket with a wide opening, 2 side pockets, one zipper pocket at the front, smart handles, slim shoulder straps, reflecting elements and a removable seat pad in the back part, Kanken backpacks are the perfect equipment for every day! Moreover it is very compact and available in many different colours! There are a lot of different versions among the Kanken family: the Kanken Mini, the Kanken No. 2 (out of theFjallraven Numbers collection), the KankenBig or Maxi, Kanken Laptop (with padded laptop pocket in different sizes) and the Kanken Kids for Teens and Kids. The model Save the Arctic Fox Kanken (Mini) is a very special version! Fjallraven donates 5 € for every selled Save the Arctic Fox Kanken (Mini) to protect the endangered arctic fox. Good to know: The arctic fox is the eponym of Fjallraven (Swedish for arctic fox).

And even more…

Shopping bags,shoulder bags, hip bags, laptop bags, tablet bags and wallets fulfil the extensive bag assortment by Fjallraven. By the way you can also find some rain covers and flight bags for your backpack in our backpack category!