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Sleeping bags by Fjallraven – best regeneration during your outdoor tour

If you want to have the ultimate “outdoor feeling” you really need a sleeping bag! And if you want to wake up perfectly regenerated you should have a warm and high quality sleeping bag by Fjallraven! Since the 1960s sleeping bags from Fjallraven ensure comfort, functionality and of course restful sleep for expeditions, trekking tours and camping trips. There are light and small packable summer sleeping bags, sleeping bags for 2 or 3 seasons, sleeping bags with a synthetic fiber (which is insensitive against moisture) and last but not least highly insulating down sleeping bags for really cold winter nights. But keep in mind that a sleeping bag does not really warm your body! It only insulates the warmth that your body evolves. According to your own sensitivity to cold, your physical constitution, your hunger and some other factors the perfect temperature can fluctuate. Also the weather has an influence to it.

Mummy sleeping bags by Fjallraven – the most isolating shape

The shape of a sleeping bag has a huge influence on the temperature. Verifiable mummysleeping bags has the best insulating shape among all models. Because they are fitted to the body shape (at the shoulders they are wider and at the feet they are smaller). Thank to the great insulation characteristics it becomes possible to save insulation material what makes the sleeping bags even lighter. So they are perfect for hiking, trekking or bike tours. There are 2 different lengths of Fjallraven mummy sleeping bags: Regular (Reg) is suitable for body heights up to 180cm and Long for body heights up to 200cm. Moreover there are specific women models, which are adapted to the feminine anatomy.

Warmth inclusive – the fill material in the Fjallraven sleeping bags

The fill material matters how good the insulation function of your sleepingbag is. Whether you prefer down or synthetic fiber depends on the area of use, the temperature and the intended purpose of the sleeping bag. The synthetic fiber sleeping bags are made of a very powerful Insulation. It is perfect for wet and warm conditions for example in summer or in tropics. The Supreme Microloft SB is worn in the models Funäs, Skule and Abisko. Synthetic fibers absorb less 5% of their own weight of water and they are insulating even when they are wet. Moreover they are quick drying. But if it is dry and cold, it is down weather! Fjallraven uses only high quality goose downs to ensure best insulation. They are very small packable, extremely light and of course they insulate perfectly. If you want to go on a trekking tour there is no better solution than a down sleeping bag! A few further information: The fill consists in general of a mix of fluffy downs and feathers (information in %). The downs bind the air and the feathers function as support. The higher the down share the more air will be bind and the higher is the heat insulation.  The down sleeping bags by Fjallraven have an excellent mixing ratio of 90% to 10%. The fill power indicates the air cell and is measured in cuin (cubic/inches). Good values begin at 550 cuin. Top class sleeping bags achieve values about 700 cuin and more. Top class models are for example „Move in Bag“, „Move with Bag“, „Sarek“ und „Polar“.

For everyone who wants to feel free even when he sleeps - „Move in Bag“ and „Move with Bag“ by Fjällräven

Are you moving a lot while sleeping? Fjallraven offers you something very special! The Move in Bag and the Move with Bag allow you to turn your body upside down without turning the sleepingbag with you. So the hood is always at the right side. And they have some further functions: Thank to the extra long zipper you can use those models also as blankets. At the feet you can open them to create a pleasant body climate. As an extra there is a packsack made of proved G-1000® Original.

Fjallraven wishes sweet dreams

We wish you a good night sleep and a relaxing sleep – of course with the sleeping bags by Fjallraven!