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Fjallraven tents – a real outdoor fan lives in nature

Tents stand for the outdoor-idea as hardly none other part of the outdoor equipment. No matter if they are used for camping holidays, trekking tours or expeditions – with our Fjallraven tents you will be well prepared and you will have a lot of outdoor-fun!

The perfect tent for you!

Before buying a tent you should think about the application area! To make your choice easier Fjallraven divided thetents in so called “families”: Keb, Abisko and Polar. The families are named after certain regions in Sweden. The regions and their climate show for which application area they should be used for. In the Keb family you will high-tech tents which are perfect for ambitious trekking tours or expeditions. Abisko tents are suitable for short camping trips or other tours where lightweight and robust tents are advantageous. The Polar family includes tents which are needed for arctic expeditions with hard weather and extreme coldness. According to their application area the families are attached with certain materials and equipment features, which are strongly needed for each intension.

Lightweight is not enough!

Outdoor expert Fjallraven knows what is important while staying in the outdoor nature and they know how outdoor life really works. Already in 1964 Fjallraven solved the problem of condensation water with the first “two-wall-tent”. Since this time the development was continuously supported. After all this years and experiences Fjallraven reached the highest level of functionality and design. To ensure best quality Fjallraven checked every detail, they spent nights outdoors, did lot of sketches, checked earlier solutions and evaluated the new ones. The results weretents which offer best quality and performance: lightweight as never before, but stronger as every tent before! Made of best possible materials (lightweight but nevertheless durable) and equipped with many clever features. The tents are light and easy to set up. The tents of Keb and Abisko family are made of lightweight nylon with tear proof ripstop qualities in contrast the Polar tents are consisted of a thicker polyester fabric.

Keb und Abisko – they look only the same at the first glance

Although tents of the families Keb and Abisko look more or less the same, they are different in the most details. These details decide for which application areas the tents are suitable. Of course the Keb tents are made for huge adventures, but you can use them also for a short camping trip. If you are not sure “where the journey is heading to” you should choose the better equipped tent! Let’s have a closer look at the differences between the families:

1.       Ventilation openings: Abisko tents have ventilations which protect against mosquitos, the Keb tents have more ventilation possibilities what make them perfect for winter.

2.       Inner-tent and floor: Abisko tents are lighter and have a water column by 6.000 mm – Keb tents are more durable and the floor has a water column by 10.000 mm.

3.      Tent frame: Abisko lighter, Keb more robust.

4.       Fly fabric: An Abisko fly is lightweight and durable; a Keb fly is even more durable.

5.       Reinforcements: Both families have reinforcements but the ones in the Keb family are accordingly thicker and wider.

6.      Tent pegs: Abisko lightweight pegs; Keb strong pegs with better grip.

7.       Space and tent sizes: Abisko tents are available in many different sizes; Kebtents are available in few sizes.

8.       Guy ropes: Abisko guy ropes are reliable and lightweight; the guy ropes of theKeb family are even stronger and operable with gloves.

9.       Visibility: The guy ropes of Abisko are equipped with reflectors; the Keb guy ropes have even more reflectors.

Dome tent or tunnel tent?

Tunnel tents are lightweight and spacious. Because of their steep walls they offer a good room utilisation. They are lightweight and small packable, easy to set up and they are perfect for camping, bike or motorbike tours! The most important advantages from dome tents are firstly the self-supporting construction and secondly the high stability against wind. They are suitable for many applications - in snow, on rocks, sand or stones.

We wish you good outdoor nights with our Fjallraven tents

Just choose your favorite model and go! What is more beautiful than a night under a sky full of stars? We think nothing is better and so we recommend the tents by Fjallraven!