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Unique Fjallraven accessories for women

The Swedish outdoor brand Fjallraven complies highest requests according to functionality durability and quality – in fact not only in the areas of parkas or trousers but also in the category women accessories. Since 1960 this famous brand equips adventurer, outdoor-women and nature lovers with everything what is necessary for outdoor activities.

Women accessories for a perfect performance

The women accessories complete your outfit in every situation – no matter if it is in the city, the forest or on a mountain. Especially during extreme activities the accessories will be very important. Fjallraven offers a wide arrangement of women accessories: scarves, beanies, hats, balaclavas, gloves, gaiters, belts, wallets and much more! All of the items are durable, well designed and very functional.

Quality and functionality for active outdoor-women

Women who live in close touch with nature want to stay outdoors even when it gets colder. The Fjallraven winter accessories for women regulate the body temperature perfectly and they offer optimum protection against ice and snow. Even for arctic temperatures there are the right accessories: The beanies Sarek Heater, Nordic Heater and G-1000® Heater hold head and ears pleasant warm. The knit and fleece beanies and the trendy scarvesare also in daily life functional and practical accessories. Hats and chaps with UV-Protection which are made of ventilated and lightweight fabrics (for example the micro polyamide Micro Travel), protect you during summer activities. Of course there are models which protect not only against sun, but also against rain! For example the Abisko Eco-Shell Hat and of course the classics made of G-1000® Original (Greenland Hat), G-1000® Lite (Abisko Summer Hat) and G-1000® Silent (G-1000® Cap).

Special demands – special accessories

Hunting, animal watching or animal photography could be very exhausting for the equipment. Climbing, kneeing, creeping and crossing a river – you have to be well prepared for all these cases! Also the needed accessory have to fit. In the Fjallraven hunting collection there are durable hats, Forest Gloves, patrons bags and belt bags. Moreover you will find kneepads, hand warmer and gun bags.

Fjallraven accessories – more than caps and beanies!

Belts and suspenders by Fjallraven are made of durable and robust materials. Many leather belts are made of vegetable tanned leather. Among those there are belts with an adjustable waist size but also some with permanent lengths. The suspenders are made of stretch fabrics which ensure full movability. With the robust clips you can fix them at your waistband. To fulfil the arrangement of Fjallraven women accessories there are seatpads (made of G-1000®), blankets,wallets and gaiters.