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Women jackets and vests by Fjallraven – designed durable and timeless

Thank to their long-time outdoor experience Fjallraven knows exactly how a women jacket should look like and which functions are necessary. The Fjallraven women collection offers women parkas, 3in1 jackets, casual jackets and outdoor vests not only for winter but also for summer. Fjallraven jackets are robust, timeless, durable and functional and they have some smart functions. There are high-tech jackets which resist against every weather! For example the Polar Guide Parka with Supreme Microloft insulation which is extremely warm or the Keb jacket which protects against wind and mosquitos.

Light as a feather and wonderful warm – Fjallraven down jackets

A winter down jacket is not only for arctic activities and long stays in regions with less than 0°C suitable but also for walks with your dog during wintry conditions. Because when it is a dry and icy cold down is unbeatable! Fallraven only uses for the down products only downs, which are extracted under ethic correct conditions. Fjallraven is explicit against live plucking and forced feeding! You can be sure that no goose has suffered for your jacket. The women parka Kiruna Down, the winter jacket Snow Flake, the casual jacket Övik lite, the trendy winter parka Greenland No.1 Down from Fjallravens Numbers series and the down vest Pak Down ensure a pleasant feeling even when it is very cold outside.

G-1000® jackets and vests for women – always a good choice

The most Fjallraven women jackets and vests are made of the functionalG-1000® fabric which is made for highest demands: tough, durable, mosquito proof, dirt repellent, breathable and quick drying. You also could improve your jackets with a GreenlandWax treatment what makes the jackets nearly waterproof. G-1000® jackets like Greenland Winter Jacket are real all-rounders. Winter parka Una is made of G-1000®Silent what makes it perfect for every hunter or animal watcher. G-1000® lite jackets and vests like the Abisko Lite Jacket with additional stretch inserts are perfect for journeys and hot days because their fabric lay lightly and cool on the skin. The eco variants are very environmentally friendly. They consisted of recycled polyester and organic cotton. The Forest jackets and hunting jackets have many functional details and features (pockets for munition, cell phone,…) and are inconspicuous colored.

The perfect jacket for every outdoor adventure

Fjallraven has structured the collection of jackets in some product families. Övik, Kiruna and Greenland are active casual jackets. Keb, Sarek and Abisko are perfect for trekking and hiking activities and the families of Lappland, Värmland and Sörmland include hunting jackets. All jackets and vests of the Numbers series are very durable and eco-friendly.
No matter what kind of outdoor activity you want to do – Fjallraven offers the perfect jacket!