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G1000® - the fabric for real outdoor activities


Already in 1968 Fjallraven designed the innovative G1000® material for the first Greenland Jacket. This jacket stood for absolute durability, resilience and longevity. G1000® is used and beloved by outdoor fans until today because it protects against almost all negative impacts.

The dense woven Fjallraven G1000® Original fabric is wind-resistant, water-repellent and keeps the body climate pleasant. It is breathable and dries quickly despite its high stability. So your body climate stays dry and warm during sweaty activities. And if a rain shower surprises you, G1000® ensures quick drying times. G1000® products protect not only against bad weather conditions.  They ensure also natural UV-protection and they prevent mosquito bites. G1000 Original® belongs to the best fabric for outdoor clothes all over the world due to its versatile and smart functions.

The perfect fabric for every activity

G1000® consists of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and has a pleasant touch due the cotton. There are three further versions of G1000®, which have special characteristics for different application areas. G1000® Silent is the brushed version of G1000®-Original and therefore it is very soft and handy. It is used especially in the Fjällräven Hunting collection, because for hunter it is important that clothes do not make noises.


G1000® Lite is extremely lightweight and a little bit cooler than G1000® Original. Therefore it is used for summer jackets. All functions are retained despite the fabric is lighter. This is because the processed ripstop strings are very durable but also fine and lightweight. The fourth fabric is G1000® Heavy Duty. It is even more robust and durable than G1000® Original and is processed in reinforcements at knees or buttocks area. Moreover Fjallraven has designed ecologically sustainable versions for all G1000® fabrics. You can recognise them at the word “Eco” in their name. G1000® Eco consists of 65% recycled polyester and 35 % organic cotton. Thereby Fjallraven takes responsibility for the environment and the reducing of environmental pollution.

Improve your G1000® with Greenland Wax

You can suit your G1000® products to each weather condition and many application areas. This is possible due to GreenlandWax which is successful since many years. The wax impregnation makes the clothes even more water repellent or wind resistant. You can also increase lifetime and durability of your clothes. This is another environmentally friendly effect. You can find an instruction how to use Greenland Wax right here!


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