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Fjallraven hunting – functional and stylish hunting clothes


Sweden is renewed for its beautiful and spacious nature and also for a long-time hunting tradition. But this tradition was not for everybody. Only royals were allowed to hunt, for example on Oland Island at that time. But time after time the farmers and simple people got the right to hunt and the popular tradition became more and more popular. Elk hunting is the most popular and also the most supervised kind of hunting.Hunting styles differ strongly between the regions of Sweden. The north sees hunting as a social event and prefers single hunts. The south attaches importance to traditions and therefore they organise battues in private hunting areas. But there is one aspect which counts for every kind of hunting: The correct hunting clothes are a key factor for a successful day. Therefore Fjallraven designed products which fulfil all demands of hunters. The hunting collection is divided in three subcategories (product families).

Lappland Family for active hunters

You can find functional hunting clothes for intensive and pacy hunts in the Lappland family.  Fabrics are fitted to every weather condition. Functionality, design and excellent quality are typical for products of Lappland family. Most parts consist of G1000® Silent which is perfect for quiet stalking of a young deer. In many cases the noise decides whether it is successful or not. Some products have special inserts of Hydratic® or Hydratic® Silent. This fabric is windproof and waterproof and moreover it is breathable. Its water column amounts 5.000 – 20.000 mm and the breathability achieve values between 3.000 and 15.000 g/m2/24h. One of the most beloved Lappland products is the LapplandHybrid Jacket (Lappland Hybrid Jacket Women).

The insulating Fjallraven Varmland family

The Varmland collection was designed for hunting adventures during the cold season. Hunting from a hunter’s post can be very challenging for the body climate. This kind of hunt needs special equipment and highly insulating clothes.  Hunting jackets and trousers out of the Varmland family are very durable, warm and comfortable – perfect for many hours in the woods. G1000® Silent is also processed in this collection. The inner jacket of 3in1 Värmland Jacket has an additional G-Loft Supreme insulation. This lining consists of synthetic fibers. Therefor it is quick-drying, small packable and it offers highest thermos-regulating characteristics in cold and heat. G1000® Silent-Eco is often used to save the environment. It consists of recycled polyester and organic cotton and reduces the environmental pollution. With products of Varmland family you will be best prepared for your next hunt!

Versatile Hunting clothes – the Sörmland family

The third hunting product series is called Sormland family. Clothes of this Fjallraven series are very stylish and remarkably elegant, so that hunters do not want to take off these clothes any more. These pullovers, jackets, shirts and trousers are suitable for every kind of hunt, but also for daily life. Shirts and pullovers consist of cotton or new wool and partially they have reinforcements made of G1000® fabric. Outer layers, for example Sormland Down Shirt Jacket with G1000® Silent are perfect for cold days outdoors.

The complete hunting collection includes functional equipment in stylish colors and cuts. Convince yourself in our Fjallraven online shop!


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