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Centuries ago hunting in the woods of Sweden was a privilege of the upper class. The hunting area of Oland was only accessible for royals. Middle class and lower class were only allowed to hunt with a three-legged dog, what was not successful in most cases. But after time hunting became legal in more and more regions and the hunting tradition has become increasingly important. Hunting styles differ strongly between the regions of Sweden. The north sees hunting as a social event and prefers single hunts. The south attaches importance to traditions and therefore they organise battues in private hunting areas. But one thing remains: A real hunter needs high-quality clothes. Therefore Fjallraven has designed a special collection.

Silent hunting clothes

The hunting collection is divided in three series. Lappland family is one of them. It was made for active and challenging hunts and it is suited to different weather conditions. Lappland family includes high functional hybrid clothes which are based on the products of Keb family. Many Lappland products are made of a fabric which was designed especially for hunters.

G1000® Silent is very comfortable and it does not make noises while stalking for a game. Its smooth surface and a high air circulation ensure a great body climate to support you in tricky situations. All Lappland clothes are processed in top Fjallraven quality. So you can completely focus on the hunt without worry about your clothes.

High-quality fabrics

Beside G1000® Silent there is an ecological version of this silent fabric - G1000® Silent Eco which is often used for Fjallraven Lappland clothes. G1000® Silent Eco consists of recycled polyester and cotton. Additionally some hunting clothes have inserts of extremely durable G1000® Heavy Duty to protect important parts against abrasion.G1000® Heavy Duty is even more durable and it is perfect for rough terrain. Many hunters trust in clothes like Lappland Hybrid Jacket (Lappland Hybrid JacketWomen) and the Lappland Hybrid Trouser (Lappland Hybrid Trouser Women) because they are ideal for long days in forest. In most cases the right outfits decide whether if it is a successful hunt or not. Convince yourself of the great hunting collection in our Fjallraven online shop!

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