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Fjällräven Numbers 

The Swedish outdoor expert Fjallraven was founded by Ake Nordin in 1960 and looks back at more than 50 years of outdoor experience. At the early days of the company all products where named after their general term (jacket, trousers, etc.) and they get a number. So the number shows how many predecessor models of the according kind of product where already published. Anorak No.9, for example has eight predecessor models which are designed similarly. Numbers collection shell honor Ake Nordin’s inventiveness. It was the goal to combine brand values like quality, functionality, sustainability, continuity and closeness to nature in one unique collection.

High-quality clothes for challenging activities

The Number collection is made for experienced outdoor fans who have highest demands on clothes and equipment. It was the idea to create high-quality and sustainable clothes which withstand every kind activities and adventures. Sustainability was a central aspect for every Numbers product. Therefore the most of them consist of G1000® Eco. This fabric is a mix of recycled polyester and organic cotton. The clothes and equipment gears are extremely durable thank to great processing and very solid fabrics. Moreover it is a concept of the Numbers collection that all products are easy to repair. Even the smallest details are sustainable and environmentally friendly. So the leather applications and logos are made of odds and ends which result form production of Fjallraven belts. Almost every Fjallraven product is manufactured in Europe. So Fjallraven has short transport routes what reduces the environmental pollution.

Products of Numbers collection are versatile and they are fitted to every present circumstance. Therefore the whole series can be seen as consistent and self-supplementing system. Consequently the collection can be divided in different layers. As a first layer Fjallraven presents the soft merino wool underwear Base Sweater No.3 and Base Trousers No.3. Mountaineering Shirt No.3 and Cardigan No.4 are perfect for warmer days. But for winter we recommend even more durable clothes as Anorak No. 9 and Trousers No. 27. So you should be best prepared for the cold season. But if you plan activities in even colder regions, a further layer makes lot of sense for sure!  Also if you are unusual sensitive against cold you should wear more insulation layers! Fjallraven have also professional expedition clothes, for example Down Parka No.1. With this great jacket you will get a great body climate even if you north of the polar circle. FjallravenNumbers collection offers great beanies and hats additionally to these outstanding clothes. Wool Hat No.1 is innovative and consists of high-quality fabrics what makes it pleasantly warm.

Explore Numbers collection in our shop!

Right from the beginning it was the fundamental idea of Fjallraven Numbers collection to enable wonderful outdoor experiences with sustainable and functional clothes for every region and weather condition. Especially functions like durability, breathability and heat insulation are characteristic for Numbers products. In this online shop you can order these exclusive outdoor gears! Only a few predestinated retailers are chosen by Fjallraven to sell products of this unique collection!

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