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Sweden is renewed for its long tradition of hunting and for its numerous hunting grounds. Already centuries ago hunting was an important part of Swedish lifestyle. But at this time only royals had the privilege to hunt. But after time more and more hunting grounds became accessible for the lower classes. With that development hunting became more popular and nowadays it belongs to Swedish culture. One thing remains for every kind of hunt even though there are different hunting styles: The ideal outfit is significant for a successful hunt.  Therefore the Swedish outdoor company Fjallraven produces special hunting collections with great functional clothes.

Sormland stands for functionality and durability

The hunting collection is divided in three subcategories, the so called families. One of them is Sormland family. It includes products for a special kind of hunt in which a group hunts as a team. Early in the morning they have their “hunters meeting” before the shooters go on their posts. After that they go with dogs in the forest and look for elks or deer. The dogs bark if they smell a deer and than the action begins! Then they herd it until a shooter can shoot it.  All hunters are connected with radios to ensure that the shooters only shoot the elk or deer.

Sormland hunting clothes combine functionality, durability and cool design. Many hunters wear the functionalvests, jackets and trousers also in their daily life because they are so comfortable and stylish. Many functional fabrics are also advantageous for leisure time. For example the processed G1000® fabric which is beloved by outdoor fans all over the world.

Perfect equipment made of G1000® fabric

Jackets and trousers are either completely made of G1000® or they are equipped at important parts with this durable fabric at least.  G1000® Silent is additionally silent and very smooth at the surface. With this fabric you are inconspicuous so that you don not fright the animals. Features of G1000® are water resistance and wind resistance, durability and an integrated UV-protection as well as mosquito-protection. Further versions of G1000® are G1000® Heavy Duty (even more durable and long-lasting) and G1000® Eco, which consists of recycled polyester and pleasant cotton. Sormland hunting trousers and jackets have a lot of pockets to ensure enough storage space for equipment and other items. You can also find pleasant soft and warm pullovers, hoodies and shirts for every outdoor activity. With Fjallraven hunting clothes you are well prepared for your next hunting adventure! Convince yourself and have a look in our Fjallraven online shop!

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