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Hunting was a privilege of the Swedish royal upper class centuries ago. Hunting regions like Oland were was only accessible for several chosen people. The odd thing on this island was that the lower class theoretically had the chance to hunt, but they were only allowed to do it with a three-legged dog what was not promising. After time hunting became legal for everyone, different hunting styles developed and hunting became more and more popular in Sweden.  The northern style is unorganised, wild and the dogs are not trained. The southern style is tradition-conscious and they have often private hunting grounds and trained dogs. But no matter if south or north the right hunting clothes are an important factor of a successful hunt.

Comfortable and warm hunting clothes

Fjallraven designed a special hunting collection which includes functional hunting clothes to ensure hunting-success. There are warm jackets, vests but also great hunting trousers. The collection is divided in three different subcategories, so called product families. Fjallraven Varmland hunting clothes were designed especially for long stays on hunting posts. This kind of hunt is the most popular in Europe. It is clear, that the hours on the hunting posts could be very challenging for the body climate. Fjallraven equip those hunters with great products of the Varmland family. These jackets and trousers are very robust, durable and of course pleasantly warm.

The linings of the hunting jackets are made of very soft and insulating fabrics and the outer fabric is the silent and flexible G1000®Silent in most cases. Moreover it has a very comfortable surface and high ventilation for intensive hunts. A few jackets are equipped with Hydratic® S. This coat is windproof, waterproof and also silent. It achieves a water column between 5.000-20.000 mm and breathability between 3.000-15.000 g/m2/24h. The exact number depends on the application area. So you are best prepared even if the weather conditions are miserable.

Best materials for successful hunts

Varmland jackets have attached pockets which ensure additional warmth for hands during cold days on the hunting post. Very noticeable is the Värmland 3in1 Jacket. It has a removable inner jacket for warmer days and it is ideal for ice cold days thank a G-Loft Supreme lining. Trousers of Varmland family have also smart attached pockets and they offer enough space for everything what is needed on ahunt. They also consist of G1000®Silent and the quick drying G-LoftSupreme lining keeps you warm at several parts. Varmland collection includes also pullover, shirts and insulated hats. This great collection ensures a lot of warm and silent hours on the hunting post.

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