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Fjallraven clothes and equipment for outdoor kids

Fjallraven child clothes and equipment with the small sign of the arctic fox are exactly designed for children activities: explore the forest, build a tree house or playing in the fields.  Do you remember how great this time was? Do you remember where your most beloved outdoor place was? Fjallraven knows what is necessary for little outdoor fans! Kids walk over rough and smooth and they crawl through thorn undergrowth. Therefore it is important to equip those kids with durable and robust clothes. Fjallraven’s G1000® fabric is perfect for outdooradventures. It is very abrasion resistant and it makes jackets and trousers extremely durable. So kids can stay kids! Beside all these robust jackets and trousers there are also colourful shirts with funny prints. These shirts are pleasant to wear and moreover highly functional. Fleece jackets by Fjallraven ensure additional heat insulation.

G1000® - a fabric for great adventures

Kid’s jackets and trouserswhich are made of G-1000® withstand every challenge. They are weatherproof, breathable and quick drying. Moreover they are carefree and dirt-repellent. There are different versions of G-1000®: G-1000® Original, G-1000® Silent (smooth and low-noise), G-1000® Lite (lite and cool) and G-1000® Eco (recycled polyester). The Barents Pro Trousers for men is a real classic and designed with G-1000® Original.

Outdoor-kids need professional outdoor equipment!

To enjoy the outdoor adventure kids need not only clothes but also accessories and equipment gears like belts, bags, backpacks, hats or beanies. The warm beanies are perfect for winter sports but also for the way to school in winter. The most beloved Fjallraven backpack is the Kanken and it is also available for kids. Kid’s version is called Kanken Jr. and it offers enough storage space for everything what is needed outdoors.
So have a look in our Fjallraven shop and find the perfect clothes and gears for your children!