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Fjallraven women trousers – experience pays off!

The experienced outdoor brand Fjallraven offers many different models of trousers for each kind of activity and weather: well ventilated MT-trousers with UV protection, zip trousers for journeys, trekking trousers and high-tech trousers for extreme outdoor activities. The specialist for trousers launched 1970 his first trousers: The Greenland Trousers. This G-1000® trousers developed to a favorite of many people and it is until today part of the Fjallraven trousers collection. Nowadays Keb Trousers is a classic already and moreover it earned the award “best trousers” on the fair “OutDoor”.

The perfect fit

A trouser should be comfortable and it should grant freedom of movement. Fjallraven offers its trousers in three different cuts. Even the waistband height is selectable: high, middle-high or low. The regular fit is normally cut, comfort fit is more casual and curved fit is particularly developed for women and fits perfectly to the feminine body. There are also different leg bottom variants: With open leg bottom with individual adjustment or with controllable straps. You will always get a Fjallraven trousers which fits!

G-1000® trousers for women – the best for every adventure!

Most of Fjallravens women trousers of the product families Keb, Sarek, Abisko and Övik are made of proven G-1000® fabric. They offer high durability, breathability and protection against mosquitos, sun, water and wind. You also could improve your trousers with a Greenland Wax treatment what makes the trousers nearly waterproof. All-round trousers like Barents Pro and Barents Pro Winter Trousers are made of G-1000® Original and have a warm lining. Thank to G-1000® Silent material Karla Pro womentrousers is the perfect model for hunter or animal watcher! G-1000® lite trousers and shorts like the Abisko Lite Trousers with additional stretch inserts are perfect for journeys and hot days because their fabric lay lightly and cool on the skin. The eco variants are very environmentally friendly. They consisted of recycled polyester and organic cotton. The travel collection convinces with thin and airy models like Karla Zipp-Off MT Trousers, which consists of quick drying MT-fabric.

Fallraven trousers – the details are important!

Women trousers by Fjallraven offer a lot of smart solutions and practical functions: for example stretch inserts for more movability, reinforcements at the knees and at the behind for more durability, pre-shaped knees offer space for knee pads, practical pockets ensure enough storage space, ventilation openings improve the body climate, shoe hooks and eyelets are good to fix the trousers at the shoes and last but not least a lot of the trousers have a Zip-Off function to transform them into  shorts. As you can see Fjallraven is real specialist for trousers of all sorts!